Financial Guidelines


The PTA is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization and, as such, we do not pay sales tax on purchases for PTA use.  WE CANNOT REIMBURSE YOU FOR SALES TAX THAT YOU PAY.  A Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate may be required when purchases are made in order to avoid paying sales tax on that purchase.  This form is available from the Treasurer’s box in the school office.  Present this form to retailers at the time you make a purchase.


Please be aware that some wholesale clubs require a business membership to exempt the purchase from sales tax.  Please contact the Treasurer in advance if you would like to make a purchase on behalf of the PTA at a wholesale club.



Know the amount of your committee’s budget and STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.  Have your committee members notify you of all expenses when they are incurred, so you can keep track of your remaining budget amount.


If your committee will need an increase in its budget, submit the request to the President or Treasurer.  PTA approval must be obtained prior to making any expenditure which would exceed your committee’s budget.


If you are working on a committee that does not have a separate line item for expenses on the PTA budget, you are able to request advances, payments and reimbursements for appropriate expenses related to your event.  Your constraints for expenses will be determined by the revenue and resulting profit that you expect to earn on your event.  Note that the Budget will include an income amount for your event.



Please keep receipts for all purchases, and TURN IN RECEIPTS FOR REIMBURSEMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Check reimbursements require a one-week turnaround.  Use a “PTA Reimbursement Form” to request payment of bills or for reimbursement of prior purchases.  This form can be found on the PTA website or in the Treasurer’s box in the office.  Fill out the form completely, attach receipt, or use an envelope for multiple receipts.  Leave it in the Treasurer’s box or mail it to the school.  You may also opt to email the Treasurer a reimbursement request as long as all the required documentation and receipts are included in a printable format.


Your check will be ready for pick-up in the Treasurer’s box within approximately a week.  If you would like the payment mailed directly to the vendor, please indicate this on the reimbursement form.  Please fill out the form completely even if the mailing address is on the attached invoice.


It is critical to have documentation supporting reimbursement requests.  Unless the vendor requires payment in advance, please do not submit invoices for payment until you have received the ordered items and inspected them for possible damage or errors.  Please do not request a payment of an invoice without filling out the reimbursement form.  Please forward the receipt to the Treasurer as soon as possible.


With the prior approval of the President or Treasurer, you may request that a bill be sent directly to:


Frostwood Elementary PTA, Attn: Treasurer, 12214 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77024



To submit funds for deposit, you must complete the “Deposit Receipt Form”.  Copies of this form are available in the Treasurer’s box in the school office or on the Frostwood PTA website.  For checks, be sure to include an attached list of individual check amounts, check numbers, and payer in addition to the deposit form. Two people should count the funds to be deposited.  One of the counters may be the Treasurer.


If you have cash or checks to deposit, please contact the Treasurer directly.  DO NOT LEAVE CASH IN THE TREASURER’S BOX IN THE OFFICE.  Please remove staples from all checks before submitting them to the Treasurer.


PLEASE DO NOT KEEP PTA MONEY AT YOUR HOME.  Checks and cash should be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit immediately.  This may require coordination with the Treasurer during your event.  PTA money should never be deposited in any account other than the PTA bank account.


V.             UNDERWRITING

All requests for donations, whether in cash or in kind, must be made by or with prior approval of the PTA’s 2nd Vice President in charge of Underwriting.  This coordination will ensure that the same merchants are not repeatedly contacted and that appropriate PTA-required procedures are followed.



All proposed contracts requiring a signature on behalf of Frostwood PTA must be submitted to the President or Treasurer for review and approval prior to signature by an officer or committee chairman.


Thank you for donating your time and effort to make Frostwood the great school that it is!  If you have any questions about any PTA financial matter, please feel free to contact the Treasurer.


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