Box Tops 4 Education – This is sponsored by General Mills, Ziploc and Kleenex.  Simply cut the Box Tops for Education symbol from the bottom or top of the box (several cereals are offering double box tops on select boxes).  Each box top is worth 1 or 5 points and we can redeem them for things for the school once we have enough points.  For more information, you can go to  Print a collection form here.

Abitibi Paper Retriever – This is sponsored by Abitibi Consolidated.  This is the pretty green and yellow bins that are in the Frostwood parking lot.  They collect only magazines, catalogs, phone books, newspapers and boxes (please break down the boxes).  Frostwood receives an average of $320 per month from the promotion.  Just think, if we all brought a week’s worth of newspapers to the bins each month.

Labels for Education – This is sponsored by Campbells.  Simply cut the UPC and the little Labels for Education picture (the one of the little boy in a graduation cap and holding a large pencil).  They will not accept the entire label.  Each UPC with symbol is worth 1 point unless otherwise stated and we can redeem them for products for the school.  For more information, you can go to

Project A+ – This is sponsored by Tyson.  Simply cut out the entire part of the label that shows the Project A+ symbol.  This could be a nice money maker for Frostwood since they donate $.24 per label instead of points.  For more information, you can go to

Randalls Good Neighbor Program – Use your Remarkable card and 1% of the purchase goes to the school.  To enroll, complete the Good Neighbor Program form and return it to the customer service counter at Randalls. Frostwood’s Charity No. is 7523.

Office Depot – Mention Frostwood’s name and #70097838 and 5% of the purchase will go to Frostwood.

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