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Health Fitness First Nine Weeks

We’ve had a great start to the 2014-15 school year in health fitness class.  It’s so exciting to see the kids moving and having fun in the gym!

Now that we have the first two weeks of routines and procedures down we are starting to assess the students.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders will be assessed using fitnessgram. It is a program developed by the Cooper Institute and it is required. We assess the student’s flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance (VO2 max).  We also take their height and weight for the BMI (body mass index) calculation. This test is done discretely where other students cannot see the height and weight of their classmates. The students are told not to share or ask others about their scores.

The fitnessgram assessments are done to help students and parents set goals. These assessments are not to compare one child to another. The reports will be sent home in the mail at the end of the first nine weeks. Please sit down and talk with your child about the results. Help them set goals like: I will stretch for 5 minutes every morning after I eat breakfast.

They will be reassessed in March-April to see the improvement over the school year.

Kindergarten, First, and Second graders are busy learning the locomotor skills (hop, skip, gallop, jump, leap, walk, run, slide) and are being assessed on these skills. They are also working on balance, agility, and space awareness through games and activities.

All grades are learning how to rotate through fitness stations. We are also spending a little time on the new and very fabulous track. Thank you PTA! We will use it more when the weather cools off in a few weeks. We have a weekly jogging program that helps students increase their muscular endurance and strength.

We will be using a behavior system called class dojo this year. It is replacing the daily reminder book. This is our way of keeping documentation on good and bad behavior. We will send a note home if we need your support for good behavior. Otherwise assume your child is behaving well in our class. If you here your child talking about signing the “computer” or” class dojo” this is what they are talking about.

Please remember:

  1. Wear tennis shoes for health fitness (every day is better because there are days the students will come to health fitness on a non-scheduled health fitness day due to teacher meetings).
  2. Bike shorts should be worn under the Nike shorts.
  3. Shorts should be worn under dresses or skirts.


Marion Thames
Health Fitness Specialist

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