Congrats SBEF! Stepping Up: The Nation’s Top K-12 Education Foundations 2015

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Spring Branch Education Foundation ranks seventeenth in national study of K-12 education foundations


“Stepping Up: The Top K-12 Education Foundations in the Nation” shows

though Spring Branch is 193rd largest school district its education foundation is one of the best


(Nov. 10, 2015) – The nation’s only annual study and ranking of K-12 education foundations, “Stepping Up: The Top K-12 Education Foundations in the Nation,” has ranked Spring Branch Education Foundation seventeenth in the nation. Additionally, Spring Branch ranked number one in its division.


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The study includes education foundations in the top 200 largest school districts in the nation (by student population), as well as other top-performing foundations in smaller school districts. Stepping Up looks at eight key performance categories to determine the ranking: annual revenues, revenues per student, total assets, assets per student, investment income, total program expenses, expenses per student, and human capital (volunteers).


The purpose of the study is to advocate the importance of K-12 education foundations while recognizing those that do it best. “Education foundations are innovating and enhancing public education,” said Dewey Caruthers, president of dewey & associates and study author. “More people should know what their local education foundation is doing to dramatically improve the student learning experience.”


The foundations included in the study raised $350 million in revenues, held $425 million in assets, spent $181 million on programs and grants, and utilized 67,000 volunteers, the study noted. “I believe the K-12 education foundation industry is the fastest-growing philanthropic segment in the U.S.,” said Nina Menis, executive director at National Schools Foundation Association (NSFA). The NSFA is the nation’s largest and oldest association for K-12 education foundations.


In addition to the overall national rankings, four divisions were created to divide foundations based on annual revenues. Division 1 includes foundations with $2 million or more in revenue; Division 2 includes foundations with revenue of $1 million to $1,999,999; Division 3 includes foundations with $500,000 to $999,999 in revenues; and division 4 includes foundations with less than $500,000. Stepping Up is sponsored by two ‘ed-tech’ companies: Foundant Technologies and ClassWallet.


About dewey & associates

Founded in 2000, dewey & associates (d&a) is a national management and strategy consulting practice with expertise in three emerging youth education issues: First, advocating K-12 education foundations (enhancing public education); second, preventing childhood obesity (innovating public health), and third, reducing arrests for common youth misbehavior (reforming juvenile justice). Founder Dewey Caruthers is the author of nationally significant studies in these areas of expertise. Dewey speaks at national and state conferences on all three topics. His work has been funded by national, state and local foundations; state and county govt. agencies; and children’s hospitals.

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