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Frostwood is a special and unique place. So many things contribute to the awesome learning environment for which we are lucky to have in our neighborhood. One of the key contributors to our wonderful school is our exceptional teachers and specialists. We are fortunate that we are able to generate funds via the PTA each year to support specialists that focus on math, reading and Spanish.
Let’s meet some of the wonderful specialists that we are THANKFUL to have at our school!
Math – Kim McCormick:
Ms. McCormick is our resident Math Specialist. She focuses on supporting the learning curriculum in the classrooms as well as knowledge sharing with teachers on how to best meet student’s Math needs.
If you have had the opportunity to meet Ms. McCormick at school, you know that her love for teaching children Math is infectious. She routinely attends district trainings as well as other PTA funded opportunities to assist her in passing along the best techniques for making long term Math connections in our children.
So make sure to take the next opportunity to attend one of her grade level parent math workshop/training to learn ways to reinforce your student’s math curriculum.

Reading – Kelly Edwards:
Mrs. Edwards is our fulltime Reading Specialist. Like our Math specialist, she works closely with teachers weekly to plan their lesson plans as well as support the student’s within a small group setting that need individual reinforcement. Additionally, Ms. Edwards is the literacy liaison for our campus and assists teachers with new district and state standards for language arts.
After speaking with her, you clearly see her drive for making Frostwood’s students the best readers they can be. Ms. Edwards encourages all families to support the love of reading and literature. It’s the building block to educational success!
Spanish – Betty Othold:
Senora Othold is a special gem at Frostwood. Our campus is one of the last to have a specialist dedicated to Spanish at the Elementary level. Each grade (K to 5th) rotates through her classroom at various intervals in the class schedule. Each Spanish lesson is focused on building student vocabulary with basic words in Kindergarten to writing complete sentences in the 5th grade.
Sra. Othold has been a part of the Frostwood community since 2000. This is made possible each year with the wonderful support of the FWE families through annual PTA fundraisers.

Take a moment to let each of these wonderful specialists know how THANKFUL we are for them in our Frostwood community.

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