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FEBRUARY 27, 2016


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PTA Standing Rules Updates

Please plan on attending the February 3rd General PTA meeting as we will be voting on updated Standing Rules.  The proposed changes can be found in their entirety on the PTA website.  Updates are highlighted in yellow.  Click here to view (Proposed Standing Rules Changes).  A thank you goes out to the Bylaws/Standing Rules committee for their hours of commitment:  Suzanne Farrow, Soo Hwang, Tracey Rogan, and Laynie Vandor.  Below are the updates in detail:

1.       Additions to be included within III. EXPENDITURES, PAYMENTS, BANK ACCOUNTS and BUDGET APPROVAL:

1.       In alignment with the National PTA focus on the development of every child, and the Spring Branch ISD core value of supporting the education of every child, the executive board supports the funding of events and initiatives on our campus that will nurture the growth of all of our students.  We do not support exclusive or exclusionary programs.  The only exceptions are:

                                       i.      Programs where age or grade level is relevant to the ability to participate.  Once an age criterion is met, we support programs in which all interested students are able to participate.

                                       ii.      Programs where the function necessitates a limit on the quantity of participants.  We support programs in which all interested students are able to participate until a capacity restriction is reached.

                                       iii.      Requests by teachers or staff for grade or classroom materials.  We will fund these requests with the understanding our teachers and staff will use these materials for the students with the same goal of helping each child reach their educational potential.

Rationale:  To give a clear definition to what the PTA will fund using either the budget or project study monies.

2.       In accordance with the Texas PTA, the PTA allows the purchasing of gift cards in an amount that shall not exceed $25 in value and must be retail-specific (i.e. branded cards of restaurants, stores, etc.).  Generic cards (MasterCard,   Visa, etc.) are not permitted.

Rationale:  The Texas PTA has this stated within the financial guidelines handbook.  It is a question that arises year to year within our PTA and therefore, it needs to be clear what the rule is.

3.       Secretary will be added back to the persons who can sign on the PTA bank accounts.

Rationale:  The Texas PTA has added the secretary to authorized bank signees.

4.       The PTA does not allow online transactional banking.  The PTA will allow limited electronic banking that includes read-only online access to the treasurer to view real time banking transactions.  If this online capability is not offered by the bank, the treasurer can receive up to date transactional reports from the bank as needed.

Rationale:  To be clear as to what type of banking access the treasurer has.  The Texas PTA has this stated in their guidelines so we wanted to incorporate into our Standing Rules.

5.       Financial reserves should only be created for a multi-year project with a clear purpose and a specific end date stated.  The project shall not exceed a three-year period.  The reserve must be approved by the executive board as well as the general PTA.

Rationale:  Due to the amount of cash flow over the last several fiscal years, the topic of reserve accounts has arisen.  This provides a clear definition as to when, how, and why reserve accounts should be utilized.

2.       Section V.  FUND RAISING will be renamed to be V.  COMMITTEE OVERSIGHT

Rationale:  Non-fundraising committees are also impacted by this section.

3.       Additions to be included within renamed V. COMMITTEE OVERSIGHT

1.       All committees must submit for approval to the executive board overall timelines and plans for their committees as well as pricing structures they plan on implementing (i.e. food pricing at Book Fair, food pricing at Carnival, Carnival t-shirt pricing, Spirit Wear pricing, etc.).  This is in accordance with the Plan of Work required by each committee chair in Section I. B..

Rationale:  The executive board is the one group that has a clear understanding of the financial status of the PTA as well as broad understanding of the PTA calendar.  Having committees submit plans to the executive board regarding their timelines and pricing structures will ensure an overall streamlined PTA for the school.

2.       Any committee planning to work with an individual or business where Frostwood’s or the Frostwood PTA’s name is used to generate sales must have prior approval by the Executive Committee. (For example, “a portion of the proceeds raised go back to the Frostwood PTA” or “Frostwood Night at XYZ Restaurant”).

Rationale:  Utilizing the same rationale above as a basis, this will ensure committees do not overlap efforts and will not tie the PTA name to a business without executive board approval.

4.       Addition to be included within VI.  PROJECT STUDY COMMITTEE

1.       During the annual May general PTA meeting, a motion to the general PTA should be made to empower the Project Study committee to use remaining June 30th project study monies to fund at their discretion any of the unfunded wish list items.  If Project Study monies still remain, these funds will be moved into a project study line item in the next fiscal year’s budget.

Rationale:  At the end of the last two fiscal years, our PTA has been in a very fortunate position of having excess funds available.  This addition will provide a clear path for the project study committee to follow when dealing with these excess funds.

Frostwood Standing Rules here

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Frostwood Beach Towels


Show your Frostwood spirit at the pool or the beach with the new Frostwood Beach towel for only $25. Buy yours now at the School Store.

Please note that this item is sold with the Frostwood Tigers logo only (no personalization is included).

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