Frostwood Tiger Prairie

The Frostwood Tiger Prairie is in the spotlight! Did you see the news crew at Frostwood before school on Tuesday morning? There was a newspaper reporter there as well!

Last week Frostwood students planted a piece of history in the Frostwood Tiger Prairie. Details of the planting can be found in the article below.

Now that our Prairie is in full bloom we are can start utilizing it in our history, science, art and mathematics lessons and generally enjoy popping by to see what is growing. When our new curriculum is in place, students will begin to see the educational benefits of the natural habitat established by our PTA volunteers right at the front of our school.

There will be lots of opportunities for students and parents to volunteer in the Fall, starting with the big job of adding rich soil to enhance the plants currently in place, so please sign up and help us keep the Frostwood Tiger Prairie flourishing.

The Prairie & Battle of San Jacinto Tip Sheet


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Spring Branch Legacy

SBEFJoin the Spring Branch Legacy

You are cordially invited to honor your 5th grade, 8th grade or 12th grade graduate
by making a donation in his/her name to the Fund for the Future Endowment Legacy 2015 program.

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